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No where to run as Acting IG Noor Gabow order crackdown on Tax evaders

Post by : Leah Achieng

Acting Police Inspector General Noor Gabow. He has ordered the crackdown of all illegal and contraband goods.

There is nowhere to run for tax evaders in the country as the acting inspector general Noor Gabow orders a countrywide crackdown on Tax evasion. The police have been ordered to crackdown on all illegal and  contraband goods that lead to willingful evasion of taxes. Kenya has been suffering from Tax evasion with the larger adult population in Kenya paying zero or no taxes.

KRA have of late being cracking down on tax evaders. This has led to the authority being labelled as compromised. KRA Commissioner general Githu Mburu has been accused of engaging in political wars. Just before the August general election, Kenyans witnessed an all out drama where KRA went hands on to big corporations that they accused of not paying taxes. One of the notable names of this corporation include Keroche Brewery.

According to the order issued by Noor Gabow, all police are expected to remain vigilant. All commanders are expected to liaise with KRA. In the event where Tax evasion is detected they are expected to liaise with KRA for investigations and conclusion of the matter.

According to the police boss, unscrupulous business people have devised ways of evading taxation, therefore denting government efforts of service delivery.

Government Functions

“As well known to you, one of the government’s core functions is provision of services to citizens this critical service provision function is therefore reliant on the government’s ability to collect various forms of taxes as part of its revenue,” the police boss said in a statement on Monday.

“Unfortunately some unscrupulous taxpayers devise ways to cheat and evade paying taxes due hence affect projected revenue generation targets.”

According to Noor Gabow, while revenue collection is the responsibility of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the National Police Service is obligated to act whenever crimes are committed.

 “We are therefore reminded of our general law enforcement mandate under the Penal Code the National Police Service act the prevention of organised crime act and other subsisting laws including the service standing orders.”


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