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No more Kazi Mtaani; President Ruto declares

Post by : Ann Njambuya

President William Ruto addressing Kibera residents during the ground breaking ceremony of the soweto c affordable housing project in the region. The president abolished the Kazi Mtaani project that was established by his predecessor.

There will be no more Kazi Mtaani. Kazi Mtaani was a public works initiative started by the previous administration in a bid to help employee youths. The works were mainly performed in the urban centres across the country. The works involved, sweeping of roads, garbage collection, unblocking on drainage pipes. Clearing of bushes among others. The government funded the program through the ministry of interior and government coordination.

This initiative will cease to exist as the, President indicated that it is not up to the current times. While speaking in Kibra constituency during the ground breaking ceremony of Affordable housing. The head of state indicated that he has a new proposal that is long term and offer better wages to the unemployed youths.

Ambitious Project

The government through the ambitious, Affordable housing program seeks to alleviate the Housing problem in the country. Kenya has a shortage of over 200,000 housing units every year. the current demand for housing is at 250,000 units per year. The industry only supply’s 50,000 units.

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According to the commander in chief, The Kazi Mtaani initiative employed 500 youths in Kibra. He however went on to say that under his housing proposal, the construction sites will employ over 2500 people. The president went on record to indicate that he has instructed all the governors to plan for the land that will house the projects.

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If this plan is implemented diligently then the country can experience as surge in employment levels as the construction industry is a mass employer. It is also expected that the boom in spending and investment will lead to an increased innovation in the sector. Auxiliary industries are also expected to come up as the workers require the services and good provided.

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