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‘New WhatsApp Feature’ Meta’s Big Update

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Meta’s instant messaging whatsapp is unveiling a new feature for the application. The ability to share voice notesin Status Updates.

The lucky testers of Whatsapp’s latest version have recevied the ability to share voice notes via status updates.

Until now, whatsapp users could only share texts via links, photos and videos to their prefereed contancts through the  feature.

WABetalnfo a website that tracks WhatsApp, said the feature will offer users the ability to discard a record before sharing it, as it has been the case with regular voice notes. WABetalnfo announced in a log post on Wednesday.

“The maximum recording time for a voice note is 30 seconds, and people need to update their version of whatsapp in order to listen to voice notes shared via status,” added the post.

Similiar to regular messaging on whatsapp and other status updates, the voice note shared on whatsapp will be be end-to-end encrpyted , meaning that only people you choose will e able to  listeen to them.

WABetalnfo also said the voice notes will disappear after 24 hours  but users also have the ability to dlete the voice note just like a normal status.

Additionaly,the new future unveils after  Whasapp releasea a new furure that one was able to create their own avatar.

The new future is expected to be released to other users in the coming weeks.

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