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New Study Reveals Male Contraceptives Pills Are Effectively Preventing Pregnancy

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Contraceptive pills are used by females to prevent pregnancy, that’s about to change as a new study has been done and it revealed that male contraceptive pills are more effective.

Researchers have found an oral contraceptive pill that is 99% effective in mice and humans.

The research done is that, men can take the pill an hour before intercourse  and focus on timing ass it wears off.

For ages, females have been using the contraceptive pills, while men only used condoms as a contraception.

The female contraceptive pill does not involve any hormones and scientists say that is one of the advantages they are investigating a method that will not remove testosterone and cause any side effects of male hormones.

Instead. the ‘swimming sperm’ switch targeting is a cell signaling protein called soluble adenyl cyclase (SAC) . Male test pills block the SAC.

Photo// Male Contraceptive pills. Photo Courtesy










A study done on mice, a single dose of the the drug called TDI-11861, blocked sperm before, during and after intercourse. The effect lasted for about three hours and 24 hours, it was completely exhausted.

One of the scientist’s, Dr. Melanie Balbach from Weil Cornell Medicine in New York, said it was proved to be an easy to use contraceptive.

The pill will eventually work on humans, men can swallow only when necessary .

Scientists revealed that the pill can help in parenting but it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases, a condom would be needed for that.

The professor of Andrology at the University of Sheffield, Prof. Allan Pacey said; There is a huge need for an effective , viable oral contraceptive for men and although many different methods have been tried over the years none have arrived in the market”

Researchers also revealed that more tests will be done, first on rabbits then on humans.

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