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New Research Reveals Ova From Male Cells, Rising Possibility Of Male Couples Siring Their Own Children

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A new research has shown that  that male mice are able to sire children.

A researcher from Osaka University in Japan claims to have genetically engineered ova from the cells of male mice by transforming XY chromosomes into Female XY ones.

Prof. Katsuhiko Hayashi made the discovery during the human gene editing summit at the Crick Institute in London while noting that the ova he made was second-rate  at best and needed to be improved .

He said that his work which raised the possibility of male couples having their own offspring’s, was still in early stages of development and as such , it was not safe to attempt on humans.


However he noted that it will take time to perfect the engineering process while adding that he was open to same sex couples adopting if in future its proven to use.

‘Even in mice, there are many problems in the quality of the egg. So before we can think of it as a fertility treatment we have to overcome these problems, which could take a long time,” Prof. Hayashi said quoted by BBC.

“If people want it and if society accepts such a technology they yes, I’m for it.”


His research  entails collecting a skin from a male mouse and then morphing it into a stems cell, which has the distant ability of transforming into various types of cells.

“The cells are male and therefore have XY chromosomes. We then delete the Y chromosome, duplicate the X chromosomes and then stick the two X’s together. This adjustment allows the stem cell to be programmed to become an egg.”

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