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New look for Afraha as renovations near completion

Post by : Ann Njambuya

The artistic impression of the new renovated Afraha stadium

As one of the major sporting facilities in Kenya, Afraha stadium has been one of the iconic stadiums in Kenya. it has been used by politicians to make huge and situation changing statements that have affected the political scene.

When Uhuru and Ruto were vying for the first time it is at Afraha where they were prayed for and announced their alliance. this alliance has led to huge development projects in the country that are changing the economy of Kenya.

The stadium has also be used by prominent athletes as training grounds making it a very important stadium in the country. After a negligence by the national government for years, the stadium was quit dilapidated by 2019. However the majestic stadium is getting a major face uplift and renovations that are bound to make it the third largest stadium in Kenya.

The artistic impression of the new renovated Afraha stadium
Photo//The artistic impression of the new renovated Afraha stadium

The face lift and renovations are being conducted in phrases with the first face set to be complete by June 2022 and the stadium open to the public. The first phrase has a total cost of 650 million and is being funded by the Kenya urban support programme (KUSP).


After completion the stadium is poised to become the most important sporting facility outside Nairobi and in the Rift valley and Western Kenya regions.

Kieleweke admits Ruto is popular on ground.

During a tour of the facility to assess the progress of the construction, Nakuru county Governor Lee Kinyanjui reiterated the importance of the stadium in the region. The governor indicated that after full renovations the Stadium will be able to host over 20,000 people an increase of over 12,000. the stadium currently hosts an audience of about 8,000.

With such projects being carried out in the region, Nakuru is being set up to compete with other cities of its statue in the country.

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