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Post by : Robert Kamau

Nairobi city has entered a new dawn of leadership with the swearing in of governor Anne Kananu as the third governor.

Kananu has been the deputy governor for Nairobi and also as acting Governor for the city for a period of almost one year.


Her clinch to power on the city’s top seat comes after the supreme court kicked out a petition that had been filed by Impeached governor Mike Sonko.

Mike Sonko who was impeached last December has been fighting the swearing of Kananu in court for a very long time but it seems that the sun has finally risen on Kananu’s political career.

Anne Kananu shot to the limelight after being appointed by Sonko to deputise him. her name was  forward to the Nairobi county assembly but a petition in court stop the vetting process.

Governor Anne Kananu, during her swearing in as the 3rd Governor of Nairobi City.

After Sonko was impeached by the county assembly and the decision ratified by the senate, a power vacuum was left which was supposed to be filled by the county assembly speaker for a period of ninety days.

After the impeachment, the city was left with no substantive executive with the governor out and no deputy governor. Elections for the top seat were almost declared with major political bigwigs declaring their stand.

However the high court heard the petition that had stop the vetting of Anne Kananu and the process started. after the vetting Kananu was sworn in as the deputy governor. This move was regarded by some political commentators as an influence of the “deep state”.

Anne kananu who was sworn in yesterday as the 3rd governor of nairobi. this comes after a power vacuum was left after the impeachment of Mike Sonko on December last year
Anne Kananu during her swearing in procession

With the elections averted, the struggle for the top job started with Sonko filling a petition in the high court to stop the proceeding.

With the swearing in of  Kananu as the third Governor of Nairobi, the city has been left without a deputy governor a position. in a statement obtained by our team, The secretary general of the jubilee party declared that the handshake team has a candidate in mind for the position of deputy governor.

Who ever will be appointed to deputise Kananu will not matter much since the general elections are around the corner and what matters most is whether Kananu will be able to retain that seat after the 9th August elections.


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