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Post by : Robert Kamau

image of an agricultural show at jkuat


When consuming meals there are certain nutrients that the body needs; such nutrients are amino acids and vitamins. Amino acids and vitamins are vital nutrients in ones body and health. Snails contains amino acids and vitamins. Given that they compose 70% low calorie protein, they are nutritious and are alternate source of protein.

Snails feeds on disposed household waste hence being environmental friendly by enabling the farmer to dispose household waste . This also reduces the cost of feed required.

Having this in mind JKUAT has introduced short courses training into a new type of occupation of snail farming. these trainings will be held at the University’s Main Campus Juja.

This is a venture that has a ready, high profitable market for the snails and their by-products. Since snails adapts to various environmental conditions, it is possible to rear them in small towns, cities, farms at backyards or commercial levels and villages.

JKUAT will be training farmers on the required start up capital, site selection, housing and the breeding process. farmers will also learn about slime extraction procedures and value addition. snails by products are used to manufacture skin care products which are touted to have healing compounds and are fetching a lot of cash globally.

Farmers will also learn how to manufacture fertilizer, animal feeds and various medicines from the by products of snail. Many farmers have shown a lot of interest into this farming practise for it is cheap and less laborious. Kenya will have ready market to Asian countries and high end hotels. To engage in snail farming the farmer must have a KWS certificate. This will be obtained after the farmer certifies KWS that he or she have been trained on new snail rearing procedures and its importance.



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