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New Changes For Twitter Users As ‘Voting In Twitter Polls Requires Verification’

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has said that voting in Twitter polls will require uswers to be verified.

In Changes that he says will adress advanced Artificial Intelligence(AI) bot swarms taking over , the tech company plans to make unverified accounts less visible on the platform.

Unverified accounts will suffer more as they will not appear in the’for you’section , a section that displays  favourite topics for Twitter Users.

The changes come after, a time the CEO plans to end the legacy of verified program and remove legacy-verified checkmarks.

“Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligble to be in For You recommendations.the only realistic way to adress advanced AI bot swarms taking over. It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle.  Voting in polls will require verification for same reason,”Musk tweeted.

On April 1, twitter will begin wrapping up the legacy verified program and remove legacy verified checkmarks. To keep the blue checkmark ,individuals will be required to sign up for Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue charges $11monthly to users that subscribe as in-app-purchase on their phones. the subscription is reduced to$7 monthly for users who sign up on the web.

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