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Nana Gecaga, Uhuru’s Niece Struggle with Alcohol Addition

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Kenyatta International Convention Centre CEO and President Uhuru Kenyatta Niece Nana Gecaga has struggled with alcohol addition. While speaking to MC Jessy the soft Spoken CEO said that she has experienced alcoholism and suffered with it.

Gecaga is now celebrating 23 years of being sober. She went on to indicate that she was a drunkard by the age of 21 years when she decided to check herself into a rehab centre.

The mother of three is considered an icon in the fight against alcoholism after achieving a great feat after battling her addition. Nana Gecaga went on to describe that she never imaged that she would be a top CEO let alone being a wonderful mother.


She has become a senior champion in the fight against alcoholism and alcohol addition advising people battling the same to keep on the fight.

Nana Gecaga, KICC CEO and uhuru kenyatta niece has been struggling with alcohol addition for the last 23 years.

Addition mainly to drug substances is a major pandemic all over the world , with alcoholism being a major contributor to it. There are a good number of Kenyans who are addicted to alcohol.

In the past the Government has enforced measures to ensure that addictive and sub-standard alcoholic drinks are weeded out of the Market.

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