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Naisula Lesuuda cries in Parliament as Kithure Kindiki is Vetted

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Naisula Lesuuda Samburu west member of parliament during a past function.

Samburu West member of parliament Naisula Lesuuda has wept in parliament during the vetting of professor Kithure Kindiki. Kindiki was  being vetted for the position of Cabinet secretary in-charge of Interior. Naisula was given the time to question the incoming Cabinet secretary for Interior and security. she raised the issue of insecurity in the North Rift valley especially in  Samburu and Baringo counties.

Naisula lessuda is a third term member of parliamnet having being nominated to parliament in 2013 under the Kanu Banner. The leader is among the newly elected young leaders who are fiercely protective and proud of Kenya and its laws. The renowned member of parliament sought an explanation from Kindiki on how he is going to tackle the insecurity. While addressing the Law professor Naisula Lesuuda broke into tears over the insecurity issues.

“I constantly get the feeling that office holders responsible for matters of security don’t really, and are not willing to, comprehend the pain and loss caused by insecurity in the North. Cattle rustling is seen as a tradition and the people’s backward culture. Kindly let me put this into context, and I pray for God’s strength as I do this,” Ms Lesuuda began.

The firebrand MP went on to say that she feels like every appointee to the interior position doesn’t appreciate the magnitude of the situation in the region. Naisula went on describe her experience indicating that she received a call yesterday. the call informed her of an banditry attack which left one person dead and herds of cattle stolen. “The bandits have also attacked today in the morning” she said.

Political Obligations

“On a normal day as a leader, I would have dropped everything, including this assignment. Rush to my constituency to condole, bury and have local security meetings. Then back to Nairobi, get an OP, a chopper, we go to security meetings, and then come back to Nairobi. Calm is restored, then retaliation attacks, most likely from my community, will take place, and the cycle continues,” she added.

Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda, during the ongoing vetting process for Cabinet Nominees. The MP shed tears as she questioned the cabinet Secretary nominee for interior. she decried the rising insecurity in the northern part of Kenya.

Naisula Lesuuda asked Prof. Kindiki’s plan in addressing insecurity. she said, “Perhaps you need to come and live in Kurkur, Pura, Longewan and Losuk, incognito for only one week. What is your strategy or what are your thoughts to end this menace once and for all so that as a leader I can execute my duties and not concern myself with only matters of security?”

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Prof. Kindiki on his part acknowledged the region’s security crisis and termed lack of “operational capabilities” as one of the main challenges facing security personnel in the area.“I won’t share operational issues but lack of operational capabilities for our officers serving there is a problem, we need air and land mobility. We need to energise community policing in these regions for them to help officers to track criminals,” said Kindiki.

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