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Nairobi-based Meta branch officially shuts down

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Over 200 people will be sacked after Facebook shuts down its branch in Nairobi as part of its cost cutting.

Sama, the main subcontractor for content moderation for Meta in Africa , told the Financial Times it will shut down the Nairobi office as it seeks to merge its operations.

“The current economic climate requires more efficient and streamlined business operations,” said Sama.

This is just after Meta received a lawsuit that demanded meta to increase its capability for content monitoring in Kenya and months after meta was sued in the East African nation for violating labour laws and exploitations.

Sama announced that 200 employees, would be dismissed as the company shifts its focus from content services to labeling tasks.

A huge number of the employees will be left jobless as the corporation sourced operators from all around Africa.

Sama’s operators had to go through all of its platform messages including Facebook , to delete those that incited violence, hate crimes, as well as false information.

For the employees affected Sama urged them to apply for other positions at its locations in Uganda and Kenya.

Sacked Employees

Meta sacked over 11,000 employees in November ,and accepted a hiring freeze though January 2023.

Additionally, the sack will come from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Meta had been on a high endless hiring spree. It even employed top talent creators.

But as for now the company is reducing budgets for employee perks which was a 30 day leave while been paid and its reducing some of its real estate holdings.

Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO  had been taking steps to reduce the spending before the layoffs but he ultimately decided to fire the employees.

The choice to terminate Meta’s contract which ends in March , comes after several lawsuits were filed against them.

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