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NACADA Report “Primary School Pupils Most Likely To Abuse Prescription Drugs”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A new NACADA report shows that prescription drugs are most likely to be abused by primary school pupils.

The report presented to the Council of Governors places the percentage of prescription drug abuse highest at 10.45 among the pupils, followed by alcohol at7.2%.Tobacco came in third at6%.

In secondary schools, alcohol is the number one drug abused with a 23.4% followed by Khat 17% and prescription drugs(16.1%).

NACADA said that they is a serious growing alcohol and drug abuse which needs to be addressed.

“The situation has been made worse due to the growing problem of drug abuse in our schools. The most abused in drug in Kenya is alcohol followed by tobacco, Khat, cannabis, prescription drugs, heroin and cocaine,” the report read.

Alcohol was found to be the most abused drug in Kenya, with 3,199,119 of the population, followed by Tobacco and Khat at 2,305,929 and a 964,737 affected people.

Cannabis abuse affects 518,807 people while prescription drug affects 60,407 people across the country.

The authority also noted that mental health and substance use disorders are on the increase, even as rehabilitation services are few and unaffordable to majority in need of these services.

“Online sale of alcohol and emerging new substances of abuse has complicated the war on alcohol and drug abuse,” NACADS said.

They also blamed the devolution of drug control and licensing to County Governments as a huge factor behind the sharp increase in the number of alcoholic drinks selling outlets and restaurants.

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