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Murang’a: 11year old Scalpel blade retrieved from Women’s Abdomen

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A group medics at Maragua Level 4 hospital in Murang’a County, have conducted a successful operation.

A scalpel blade that was left in the woman’s abdomen when she underwent a Cesarean Section surgery 11 years ago in Kitale district hospital.

The doctors conducted the 2-hour operation on Thursday Afternoon and were led by Dr. Kairo Kimende, the hospitals medic superintendent.

Speaking on Citizen, Dr. Kairo said the blade was found in the abdomen and was lodged between the uterus and small intestine.

Photo// Maragua Hospital were a woman had a scalpel retrieved from her abdomen

He also said that the blade had blocked the uterus, thereby preventing the Victim, Felistah Nafula , from conceiving.

Felistas revealed that she started experiencing complications in 2012 immediately after the C-section surgery through which she delivered her firstborn child.

Nafula’s Journey

Nafula , speaking few minutes before surgery, revealed the troubles she had gone on during the 11-year period without knowing the cause of her health problems.

She further explained how her husband constantly demanded, to know why she could not pregnant all those years and whether she had intentionally resolved to remain a mother of one child.

This made her seek medical opinion from several hospitals after discovering that, not only could she not get pregnant, she also faced several serious complications like passing out and having a painful , swollen abdomen.

Nafula, armed with medical documents from Kitale Disrict Hospital, and birth notifications of her daughter as proof she was operated on at the hospital.

Accompanied by her husband Samuel Mungai, An X-ray done on Nafula conducted at a hospital in Thika on advice from doctors , revealed that she had the scalpel lodged inside her.

The husband, said the little earnings from his work, all went to meeting his wife’s medical needs to an extent they were forced to sell their piece of land.

The couple is now seeking governments help to have the medics who conducted the surgery prosecuted and they be compensated for negligence.

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