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Mukumu Girls Teacher Dead As Doctors Are Puzzled By New Symptoms

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The number of dead from the mysterious infection at Mukumu Girls School in Kakamega County has now risen to four as a teacher, the boarding mistress died while in ICU in Eldoret.

Doctors at the LifeCare Specialty Hospital  revealed that the 44 year-old Juliam Mujema died from multiple organ failure.

She was admitted at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in Eldoret with acute kidney and liver failure on Wednesday night.

“The chief complaint was unstable vital, multi-organ failure and bleeding from the vagina. When she came in she was very critical. Losing a lot of blood and her blood pressure was very low,”said Dr.Rahul Koshek, who is in charge of the ICU’S department.

According to Mujema’s family, she was first admitted on the 2nd of April and was treated at 3 diffrent hospitals before coming to Life Care.

“When I talked to the doctors here in the morning, they said they reported these cases of Mukumu Girls to the government. They said they present rare conditions that need interventions of KEMRI and other health specialist,” said Amos brother to the deceased.


One of the student was admitted to the hospital with severe symptoms at Lifecare Hospital.

“We’ve been  informed another patient is coming with the same symptoms. Our team is fully prepared,” said the Director of Life Care Specialty Hospital.

This is after reports of a form 4 student who died on Tuesday this week while receiving treatment at the Kakamega County Referral Hospital. She was the third student to succumb.



Autopsy reports revealed that the student died of multi-organ failure.

The mysterious infection begun at the school late last month suspected to be food poisoning due to contaminated water causing intestinal flu.

The new symptoms from diarrhoea and vomiting to fluctuating fever and hemorrhaging are shocking doctors on just what are they dealing with.


Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwele cautioned parents against taking their daughters back to the school until the issues are solved.

The senator accused the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission of negligence and failure to take action.

Mukumu girls was closed indefinitely last Monday after 500 students were said to be infected.

In late march, 72 students were admitted  to the County’s general Hospital, with health inspectors suspecting a Cholera Outbreak.

Five others are still at the hospitals isolation ward.

The Health Ministry is yet to release findings from the samples taken from the school.

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