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Moyale Residents Feed Bhang To Donkeys

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Moyale Donkey WellFare Associations has warned Moyale residents  for feeding bhang to donkeys.

The association, led by Moyale Livestock Market Chairperson Hussein Osman, has raised concern of how locals mistreat the donkeys by abusing them.  He specifically pointed out that some donkey owners feed bhang to the donkeys in an attempt to boost their performance.

He told the residents to offer the donkeys physical and psychological care that other domestics animals receive. He urges that they should the residents with better treatment and respect.

“Donkeys need to be treated like other domestic animals and owners should stop abusing them,” he said.

The association reveled that some of the residents were exposing the animals to danger by making them transport harmful substances that posed a threat to the donkeys lives.

Due to donkeys been exposed to harmful substances it has led to the decline in the number of donkeys.

The group has also called for donkey vaccination to protect them from the disease.

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