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Mombasa: 3men arrested for defiling a 10-year old girl

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Cases of child defilement have been on the rise, with the suspects committing heinous acts on young children.

Police have arrested three men who defiled a 10 year old girl, stuffed her private parts with old clothes and tissue paper in Bamburi, Mombasa.

According to the police report, the suspects Haman Osewe Otieno, Immanuel Cheruiyot and Tesotalias Manu sexually assaulted the minor in turns at an abandoned rooftop in Bamburi’s fisheries estate.

Immanuel, who owns a barbershop in the same building , is said to have lured his victim while she was playing with her younger sister who at the time had been tied to a post.

Photo// 3 men arrested for defile a minor. Photo Courtesy.

The victims statement to the police dated February 5, the minor said after Cheruiyot was done with her, he asked his coworker, Manu to also have a turn with her as the third suspect kept watch at the main entrance of the building.

“These people are well known to me, I was playing outside when Cheruiyot asked my sister and I to play with them on the rooftop of  neighboring building. He held my hand and that of my sibling and we went to the rooftop. He then ties her to a post as he proceeded to defile her,” the victims aid.

According to the minor’s sister, the victim was found unconscious on the rooftop of the building with her younger sister having fallen asleep beside her.

A medical report released showed that the minor had been defiled adding that she suffered injuries on her private parts.

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