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Modern Slavery as Murang’a woman begs for help to come back from Saudi Arabia

Post by : Leah Achieng

Winnie Njeri, The Murang'a Woman who is suffering in Saudi Arabia. Kenyans are now calling on the government to fly her back to home.

Kenyans continue suffering in Saudi Arabia even after the Government promised to help suffering Kenyans. The new CS for Foreign Affairs Alfred Mutua visited the Gulf Nation immediately after being sworn in. One of the major reasons for his visit was to look into the situation of Kenyans continuing to suffer in the gulf country. However it seems the visit was all in vain. A Murang’a Woman is now being Kenyans and the government to fly her back home.

Winnie Mwangi,(Murang’a Woman) Went to the gulf nation to try and fed for herself and her two boys she left back home. Winnie left her boys with her father back in her home in Murang’a County.

It was an unpopular decision, but one that the single mother had to take because there were zero options at her disposal. For close to a year, she worked as a house-to-house cleaner at a company called Tamkeen Human Resources which is based in Riyadh. A seemingly stable job would change in December when she started feeling unwell and a diagnosis showed that she suffered thyroiditis.

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That is when everything went downhill as her health deteriorated and efforts to come back to Kenya for treatment have been futile. “I already have the medical reports from a doctor, as recent as the 2nd of this month, directing that I seek treatment in Kenya,” she told Hillary Lisimba.

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The Medical Issue

The 40-year-old says that her employer has since been silent regarding the matter, and every time she tries to reach out she doesn’t get a definite answer. “I have been trying to push my boss for me to be allowed to leave, but I’m told the overall boss is yet to reply to the e-mail he was sent,” she lamented. What bothers her the most is that, as much as she is earning her pay as usual, her employers are doing little to help her medical issue.

Njeri adds that she needs to be treated at home because her condition requires a doctor to be beside her most of the time, which is an expensive affair in Saudi. “I am not sure whether it is surgery or just normal medication I need, I guess I’ll know when I get to the hospital in Kenya,” she concluded.


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