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‘Missing Organs’ Family Seeks Justice

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Kilifi county, a family wants justice after their relative died under unknown incidents in Italy. The body was brought without any vital internal organs.

The family was forced to stop the burial after the postmortem report established that the deceased’s body was missing the heart, both kidneys , both eyeballs and a bone marrow.

Relatives reveal that, the deceased Amani Luwali,36, married an Italian national and has a 15-year old daughter.

Journalists together with Haki Africa , a human rights organization visited their home in Mjanaheri, Magarini Subcounty to try to come into an understanding about the mystery.


Josephine Nzingo, the deceased’s mother said her daughter died in Italy on October 27. She said the body arrived at Moi International Airport in Mombasa but were told not to open the coffin there.

Photo// Josphine Nzingo mother of the deceased. Photo Courtesy.

Later on, Josephine revealed they found the body had no eyes and her body had changed forcing them to report the matter to the police station in Marereni.

She also said she doesn’t know why her daughter’s internal organs were removed and where they were taken to.

“I urge the government of Kenya to establish the cause of her death. Let them collaborate with the Italian government and take action,” the mother said.

The mother reveals she has been in agony for 2 months , for not been able to get answers on her daughters death.

Amani Luwali, the deceased was the sixth born and had stayed in Italy for the last 15 years.

The post mortem was done at Malindi subcounty hospital. It was signed by Dr. Job Gayo.

The report revealed that Armani was found dead on September 27, 2022 in her house in Italy with blood stains on her nose and mouth.

It also revealed that the body, had a missing heart, all major blood vessels including the aorta, both kidneys and the eyeballs were missing and replaced them with plastic objects.

“Cause of death cannot be determined due to missing vital organs . No heart , liver, kidneys and major blood vessels. It appears organ harvesting has been done,” the report read.

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Arrival Of The Body

Furthermore, James Luwali, elder brother of the deceased said they were shocked that the in-laws did not inform them of the death. They knew about it from friends.

Photo// The brother to Amani. Photo Courtesy

He further added saying that the Italian in-laws were planning to cremate the body , forcing them to refuse such demands and ordered for the body to be brought home.

Upon arrival James reveals the body had been sealed tightly. Opening the body ,it had a lot of stiches and without eyes which raised suspicion.

James urged the Kenyan government to do investigations on the cause of death.

“We want to know where my sisters vital organs are. Whether they were sold or donated. Amani still has a mother and they would have told us the same way they did when they wanted to cremate her body,” he said.

Haki Africa response team led by Mathias Shipeta has called on the DCI, and embassies of Kenya and Italy to investigate the matter.

Shipeta says as a human right organization , they suspect dirty play in Amani’s death.

She has called on the DCI and Interpol to follow up on the matter and ensure the family gets justice as they suspect the internal organs could have been sold.

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