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Missing Kirinyaga Girl found dumped in a Dry well

Post by : Leah Achieng

The Pre-primary pupil went missing on Monday, November 7, under what the family described as mysterious circumstances

The Pre-primary pupil (missing girl) went missing on Monday, November 7, under what the family described as mysterious circumstances. She was found unscathed on Thursday, November 10, in the afternoon in a 40-foot dry well. The young girl was reportedly heard crying in the deep well by two ladies who were out collecting firewood.

They peeped and discovered the Missing girl was alive and still dressed in her uniform. They raised the alarm attracting villagers who helped pull her out. She is believed to have been ambushed by criminals who kidnapped her on her way back from school and thrown into the well to kill her. She was taken to Kianyaga-Sub-County Hospital for treatment as the family hoped she would shed light on her abductors.

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“My daughter will be able to explain what really happened once she recovers from her injuries,” said his father.

Her father, Bernard Mugo, said the girl left for school on Monday, November 7 but failed to return home. Mugo, a farmhand in Kavuti village, said his wife called to inform him that their girl had not returned home as is the norm.

“When our daughter failed to show up in the evening, my wife rang me at my place of work in Kavuti village and informed me that all was not well,” said Mugo.

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“She was lucky because the well had no water. I was with my friend when we heard her crying in the well,” said Wanjiku. The family suspected she was held captive for some time before being dumped in the well by her abductors.



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