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Metro Trans Unveils Cashless Electric Buses

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

New rides in town as Metro Trans unveils new electric buses.

The unveil comes after the Nairobi Count Chief in charge of mobility Boniface Nyamu urged matatu operators to adopt and embrace the use of electric transport to support the governments move to clean, green and sustainable new e-mobility solutions.

Speaking during the launch, Nyamu said the initiative will also ensure the safety of matatu customers and improve the business environment that will meet the demand in the matatu sector.


Metro Trans Chair John Muthe said clean transport is the way since the world is changing due to climate change and pollution issues.

“We want to be the first in this by embracing technology and also taking a step towards ensuring that we are actively participating in the reduction of emissions,” he said.

Metro Trans has added five new electric buses in Nairobi.

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