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Medic Apprehended after he Lured Victim into having Sex in return For Negative HIV Results

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A Uganda medic has been arrested after he allegedly tried to lure a female patient into having sex with him to give her negative HIV results.

According to reports, the woman was sent to a HIV testing facility situated along Lumumba Avenue by a labor export company, a mandatory requirement for domestic workers seeking travel to the middle east.

While at the premises, she met the suspect, did the tests , and was asked to head home as she awaits to be called back to collect her results.

“She did the tests on February 6. On February 14, she was called by the suspect to go pick her result. The results indicated that she was HIV positive which she disputed. She did another test at another facility and results came out negative,” Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire told the Daily Monitor.

Photo// Medic Arrested after luring victim to have sex with him. Photo Courtesy


Since the woman’s labor company required a report from the recommended testing facility, the woman is said to have taken the negative result slip to the facility and met with the suspect.


After meeting the medic, it is alleged that he offered to give the victim negative results if she would offer sex in return.

The victim is then said to have unwillingly accepted the deal, but secretly informed the labor company who contacted the police.

After arranging the meetup at a hotel in Kampala, where they would engage, the police secretly trailed the victim and waited for them to enter when they made their move .

“She informed our officers and they tracked the duo until they were in a lodge and when it was time to have sex. that is when our officers stormed the area and arrested him,” said the  deputy officer.

He also said that the suspect might face attempt rape charges which attracts life imprisonment on conviction.

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