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Mastermind Arrested With Over 275 Phones in Kasarani

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

DCI detectives recovered over 200 phones from a theft syndicate during an operation that was been done around the city.

The mastermind, Anthony Orlando alias Engineer Booby , was arrested and led the detectives to his hideout, where the stolen phones were hidden.

“So far we have arrested around 12 muggers and have already appeared before court and this one is the mastermind because he is the one who receives the stolen phones”, said Deputy Commander Anthony Mbogo.

The phones stolen, a larger number of them were iPhones. The phones discovered  were worth 10 million.

Photo// Mastermind Thief caught with phones in Kasarani

The deputy commander said the suspects have a ready for sale, free market.

The operation is part of the security operation and patrols instituted by the County government , to deal with the increased cases of mugging in the city.

“Kenyans should watch what they are doing out there, they should know we are here to stop this menace,” said Mbogo.

Additionally, Police say with the development of the mugging cases, it could lead to the arrest of more suspects believed to be behind the syndicate.

Lastly, Nairobi residents who have lost their phones, have been urged to visit Kasarani police station to identify them.

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