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Massive deactivation of Sim Cards

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Kenyans woke up to  find their sim cards not working meaning that they have been deactivated. In April 15 the communication authority ordered that all sim cards to be registered in order to know whose sim card it is. Since many people own many of them and some  not been registered to the owners. The communication authority then extended the due date to October 15 giving Kenyans  time to register their lines.

Photo// Long queues witnessed during sim card registration process; Courtesy photo

As from 13 October to the 15, long ques were seen outside Safaricom ,Airtel and Telkom shops as Kenyans rush to the last minute to have their sim cards updated. Some of the people waiting on the ques were interviewed and most of the answers were that they took it as a bluff and thought it was not serious . While others had issues with the links that were sent to them as some of them were not working at all.

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On Sunday, the day after the given deadline, Kenyans found that there were not able to use their lines as they usually did. Many of them were not able to use their Mpesa,send messages or make phone calls but they can receive them. Most of them did not expect it to happen. Many customers have suffered financially as they cannot communicate with their clients hence making a

Subscribers are not to worry, as the communication authority indicates that, even though the sim cards have been deactivated, Kenyans can still update their lines but it will be a longer process than before. They will have to present their documents to their service providers in order for them to get their sim cards back.


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