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Marsabit: 9 Dead as Unknown Disease Strikes

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Nine people have been reported dead after an unknown disease broke out in Kargi location, Marsabit.

According to the police, most of the deaths occurred in grazing areas. Out of the nine dead, six were adults and three were children.

80 other victims are currently in treatment after they got seriously ill.

Health officials reported that Malaria was prevalent in the region, they suspect that the disease may be a severe form of malaria with the patients showing symptoms of such.

“We have lost nine people so far and at least 80 others are bedridden in the village in connection to a mysterious disease outbreak. I appeal for an urgent intervention by all stake holders before we lose the entire population.” the areas senior chief Moses Galoro stated.

The county’s health department noted that hey had dispatched a team of disease surveillance experts and laboratory technologies to investigate the disease.

They have urged the residents to maintain hygiene and avoid contact with sick people.

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