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Man Serves 6 Month Jail Term For Insulting Sister-In-Law

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A man faces a six month jail term for verbally abusing his sister-in-law.

Appearing before Senior Principal Magistrate Dolphina Alego, the court was told that Zakaria Ingutia hurled insults at his in-laws before a crowd at Shibuli market in Kakamega county.

Zakaria is said to have called her a corrupt individual, a home breaker and a dog.

In his defense , the accused wanted to settle the matter out of court saying that it was right for the issues to be handled at a family level.

He asked the complainant to lift the charges against him.

“No one is perfect and misunderstandings in a family is something that cannot be avoided .I did wrong to my sister-in-law and feel that before I plead guilty to the charge to give us time to settle it at the family level, he stated.

He added: “My dear sweet in-law, nobody is perfect and I still love you despite you bringing me to court but if we could do away with the court and solve the matter from home,”

However, the magistrate, said that the matter was a serious offense and therefore the complainant could not withdraw the case.

“Considering the mitigation, the accused should serve six month’s suspended sentence,”Alego ruled.

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