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Man Increases His Height In A Surgery To Grow 5 inches Taller

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Some people always have issues with their heights, but what does one do to grow taller, eat growth foods, or just do a surgery to be satisfied with your height?

A man, has done a eight lengthening surgery to get taller, and he has grown 5 inches taller.

Moses Gibson always felt insecure of his 5ft 5″stracture, he tried different medications and he even reached out to “spiritual healers” in order to grow tall.

Nothing worked, so the 41 year old man, decided to  choose a painful way, a surgery, which involved breaking breaking multiple bones in his body.

The surgery was successful as he managed to add an extra three inches to his height in 2016, but seven year later, he underwent a second surgery and is using  a height lengthening device.

Moses a man wo spent a total $165,000(22.7M), in the two surgeries, with the first where he spend $75,000, and the second one $98,000, he hopes to feel “free” y reaching his goal height of 5ft 10June.

Moses has struggled with “heightism” in his dating life and several constant jokes about him being “short” but he now has confidence and he also has a girlfriend.

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