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Mama Mercy , wife to modern coast driver opens up on their last moments

Post by : Sue Njihia

Mama Mercy , the wife of the driver of the modern coast bus that plunged into the river valley at Tharakanithi river bridge narrates her last moments with his late husband

She last spoke to him on the phone during the weekend. She had attended a  parents meeting at their daughters school during which he even spoke to their daughter and had promised to send her pocket money.Mama Mercy later on decided to call the husband but the phone was not going through.

”Later in the evening , i was called by people asking if it was true that a bus in Meru had been involved in an accident with Mzee Simba in it.But i couldn’t confirm until i watched the 9 o’clock news,” she said w, while being interviewed outside the bus company office after confirming that her husband was the one behind the wheel.

She sadly recounts that her husband complained severally on the poor condition of the bus especially the faulty brakes and when he raised the issue with the management nothing was done.The husband had also not been paid from February this year.

The death toll of people who have perished from the Tharakanithi Bridge bus accident has risen to 33.

”The work environment was harsh, during the COVID 19 pandemic , they had to stop working and since then the company has been owing them accumulating arrears,” she said.

However, the National Transport  and Safety Authority (NTSA) has halted all modern coast operations

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