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Malindi “Cult” Tragedy; Police Discover 12 Shallow Graves, Rescue 4 People As Probe Continues

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Malindi ‘Cult’ Tragedy where a pastor Paul Mackenzie told his followers to fast in order to meet God, some of his followers  were rescued due to dehydration and starvation.

As the probe continues, forensic detectives discovered 12 shallow graves at the worship site at the Shakahola forest in Malindi County.

Police mapped out the sections with the intent of exhuming the bodies.

During the probe, four people were rescued, including one woman whose cries reached the detectives.

Police believe that there could be more graves in the forested area as some of the pastor’s followers are said to have flattened the graves to hide them.

The discovered shallow graves are believed to contain the remains of followers of Mackenzie’s The Good News International Church who died in the process of fasting.

One of the residents, Titus Katana, a reformed believer, is assisting the police in mapping out areas where the bodies are believed to have been buried.

“Mimi nilikuwa mfuasi lakini Nashukuru Mungu alinitoa Kabla ya mambo unayoona kutendeka,” said Katana.


Four people were rescued including one woman who was at the brink of death, she was found lying i the forest, weak and hydrated. Her cries for help reached the detectives who were at the scene. She is currently undergoing treatment.

According to detectives, the investigations are expected to continue for the next three days amid fears that the discovery was just the start, and that there could be more bodies lying in shallow graves across the 800 acre land.

Police intend to exhume the bodies from the graves for further investigations.

So far 10 members of the cult have died after starving themselves in order to meet God as advised by Pastor Mackenzie, other are still in hospital undergoing treatment.

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