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Malawi Court Issues Order To Public Schools To Allow Learners With Dreadlocks

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Dreadlocks have always been associated with crimes or someone has bad behavior, but people don’t take it as just a normal hairstyle.

Malawi’s Zomba High Court has ordered the Ministry of Education to allow students with dreadlocks to be enrolled in public schools in the country.

The court further ordered the Ministry to issue a statement that should announce the removal of restrictions that bar student with dreadlocks from attending public schools.

Malawi’s High Court Judge, Patric Chirwa , who read the ruling, said that preventing the children from attending public schools is a breach of a child’s right to education.

He added that the Ministry should with immediate effect remove restrictions that prevent student with dreadlocks from attending schools.

The Ministry was ordered to issue a circular that should remove the restrictions by June 30,2023.

The Judge also orders the office of the Attorney General to pay  all expenses incurred during the hearing of the case.

Rasta Ali Nasolo and Rasta Mahala Mbewe filed a complaint after their children were stopped from attending school.

The lawyer presenting the case was satisfied with the judgement, though the case started in 2020.

On his part, Rasta Reuben Chapunga Chilembe praised the court’s ruling saying this is a landmark ruling that will allow their children to learn in public schools.

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