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Love or Stupidity; Two ladies arrested for fighting over a man in a bar

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Two women have been arraigned in court and charged after fighting over a customer.The two ladies Sarah Hope Luyemba and Vivian Esther Agutu are businesswomen and are charged with willfully taking part in a fight in public area.

They got into a fight on September 10, 2022, at noon, along Moi Avenue Street within Nairobi County.

According to the prosecution, on the material day the two ladies were at their place of work calling out clients.A customer approached one of the ladies’ shop, and it is then that they started pulling the customer and ended up fighting.

Trial magistrate sought to find out from the two why they were fighting.

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The ladies said that the economy is very tough and that why they were trying to win the customer. Muchemi directed the two to settle the matter out of court and appear before her on 5th of November.

They are out on a cash bail of 5,000 shillings each.

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