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‘Living Lavishly’ Burna Boy Does Not Dissapoint

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Burna Boy , the Nigerian singer is getting ready to celebrate this December as he decided to treat himself by buying new luxury cars.

If you decide to spend lavishly, Burna Boy did not disappoint, with new cars were he spent millions of dollars on them.

Photo// Burna Boy Flaunts His new cars. Photo Courtesy.

He flaunted his new whips ,which are a Lamborghini and a Maybach Benz in an Instagram story he shared to his fans. If you got flaunt it.

He also shared a post of him asking his dealer if his custom Bugatti was ready.

Burna boy showed off his new cars a few minutes after responding to his ex-girlfriend , Stefflon Don’s shade.

Stefflon Don, ex-lover to Burna Boy , trended after releasing a Tik-Tok video clip dancing to an afrobeat track with the caption,” when he’s a man and not a mummy’s boy.”

Bose Ogulu, whose mother is his longtime manager , responded to the jab in an Instagram post where she simply wrote, “move on.”

The musicians split in late 2021, which according to Stefflon Don said Burna Boy is an impotent man.

“So I didn’t want to mention this before but I have to say it. Y’all African giant is an impotent man. I left him because he could not give me a baby,” Steff said.

Burna boy addressed the claims and said its true his not able to sire children , but he has money and his situation does not bother him.

“Okay, yes I am an impotent gorilla but I have money so to hell with it,” he wrote adding laughing emojis to the post.

The musician released ‘last last‘ in may this year to adress problems in the relationship and confront his feelings.

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