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List of Kenyan men wearing like Women.

Post by : Leah Achieng

Kenyan Men dressing like women. From left- Dennis Karuri, Jony and Maxwell Mwamburi. They have been dressing as women. Photo: @Denniskaruri, @jonythehairdresser, @maswellmwamburi. Read more:

The Kenyan social media circles has seen a huge change in trend over the past couple of years. Currently there is a growing number of Men in Kenya who dress as women and in more than one instance they out-dress better than ladies. This trend is becoming increasingly popular.

Today, Icon News entertainment team takes a look at the high number of men who are dressing like women and becoming a sensation. This men are wearing in a more classy manner than lady celebrities to an extent that it is becoming increasingly hard to tell whether they are men or women.

Lets take a look at these individuals.

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The list

  1. Dennis Karuri : Karuri is a renowned make up artist. he was among the first men in the country to create a niche for themselves in the beauty and Make up industry. While he’s talked about his past relationships with guys, Karuri disclosed that he got into the make-up industry when he joined campus. He is among the top queer guys who have been hailed for setting classy fashion trends and looking sophisticated.
  2. Kelvin Kinuthia: Kinuthia is  a famous TikToker and content creator. he is famous for making videos while dressed as a woman. The young man in his early twenties indicated in an interview that he is not Gay. He clarified that he is just interested in Women clothing. he has however created controversy after indicating that he is looking to settle down. However, according to reports he didn’t specify on the gender he want’s to settle down with.
  3. Maxwell Mwamburi: Mwamburi is a renowned businessman in the country. he is considered queer. He has spoken out about a relationship he has with his longtime politician lover. He has been accused of late by his followers of chasing clout. A fan even advised him to slow down in his quest to gain fame.
  4. Jony the Hair Designer: The celebrity hair designer is considered as the most exclusive hair design among social circles. according to the hair maverick, he was once denied entry into a club. According to him the club was sacred that Jony was going to confuse their patrons.

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