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Leakage Of Exams Will Result To Punishment

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The year 2022, will be an historic year as more than 2 national exams will be done. Grade 6 assesment for CBC, class 8 K.C.P.E and form 4 K.C.S.E will all be done from November to December.

Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua has issued a serious warning to anyone caught leaking this years National Exams.

The Deputy President said that every child deserves a fair chance to pass.

“On forthcoming National Examination for our candidates , we want an equal playground for every child to score what they deserve ,” he wrote in a tweet.

He says , culprits caught leaking the exams , will be dealt with.

“We urge vigilance and responsibility during the examination,” he said.

Candidates will be sitting for 3 national exams. The grade six assessment for the Competency-Base Curriculum, the(KCPE) and (KCSE).

All examinations will begin on November 28, C.B.C and K.C.P.E and will be done for a period of 3 days , while K.C.S.E will end on December 23.

1.5 million learners in grade six are expected to sit for their exams.

The Law

On Friday, the Deputy President told the teachers to be satisfied with their salaries. He insists that satisfaction is the only way to prevent leakage of exams.

“I am pleading with you not to get corrupted by criminals to join them in trying to go around a good process of administering exams and trying to leak them,” Gachagua said.

In addition to that, he said , no officer present or across the country including teachers , invigilators and supervisors found leaking the exams , the law will catch up with you and its not really worth it.

He also says that there is dignity and fulfillment in earning money in a good way through labor and sweat.

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