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Lack Of Rainfall Affecting Farmers In The Country as Food prices Hike

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

An Agricultural land in Kenya. Kenya Farmers are the most affected by the ongoing lack of rainfall in the country.

Kenya is having its worst drought in 40 years, according to the government more than 4 million people are “food  insecure” and 3.3 million cannot get water to drink. This has been attribute to lack of rainfall for over four dour seasons.Farmers are currently being affected the most by this drought.

Farmers are the most important people because many of us depend on them for survival. However,they are saying that due to lack of rainfall for the past several months they are not able to till their lands. They can’t also grow enough food as there is little or no rainfall  for them to use on the plants.

Kenya has reported that 29 counties are been affected by drought and Famine. Farmers in counties such as Machakos say that due to lack of rainfall , they are not able to know when to plant because if they do plant and it does not rain there crops will shrivel away.

The Cries Of people to the Government as Famine affects them

The farmers are been affected  financially and emotionally. In financially, some farmers grow there crops to sell them to people in order to earn money to provide for there families . Also the farmers hire people to plough there lands but due to lack of rainfall they are not able to do so.

In emotionally, since the farmers are not able to plant on there farms many of them are not able to have money to help there families and the house thus making them very stressed and not knowing to do to help on there farms.

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