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Laban Cliff Onserio Arrested In Possession of a Grenade

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Detectives from the Anti -Terror Police Unit(ATPU) are currently holding Laban Cliff Onserio for being in possession of a stun grenade and threating to use it to attack security guards.

The Standard Group Chief of stuff, was arrested on Sunday morning at the Holy Family Basilica basement by detectives who were called in by the church’s security guards after the squabble.

“(He) was arrested on 18/12/2022 by a multi-agency team who responded at the scene after receiving information IC3 police control room that there was a terror threat at Holy Family Basilica,” read court document.

The former Deputy Communications Director at State House’s Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU), had gone to pick his car -a Nissan X- trial (KDE 744A) at the cathedral’s commercial parking lot on Sunday morning

During the squabble, the guards called detectives who conducted a search on Onserio’s car where they found the grenade.

Detectives say the journalist ” could not give satisfactory reasons as to why he was in possession of the flash bang grenade nor did he produce a certificate allowing him to be in possession of the device.”

“At the time of the arrest , the respondent had not made a declaration to the security guards that he was in possession of the flash bang training system grenade,” the ATPU said.

Furthermore, Onserio told the detectives that he had acquired the grenade from British National Don Smith ,purportedly working with fly 540 airline, in 2021.

The ATPU in an affidavit filed at the Kahawa Law Courts seeks to detain Laban for five days pending conclusion of investigations.

Flash Bang Grenade

How does the flash Bang Grenade Work?

For those who play GTA games, Call Of duty, PUBG games, know how a Flash Bang grenade works when used in playing the game’s missions.

The flash bang grenade or( stun grenade) is a non-lethal explosive that causes confusion in its target by exploding with an extra -ordinary loud bang and a bright light that causes an immediate blindness

Additionally, when the stun grenades are used, they temporarily impair vision and hearing , usually for a few seconds , and are frequently used by police to control crowds

Although they are confirmed as non-lethal , these explosives devices have been known to cause death and serious injury, eliciting heated debate on their use.

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