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Kisii: ‘Dead’ Buried Man Returns Week After His ‘Burial’

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

‘Dead men tell no tales’ this changed when a supposed ‘dead’ buried man turned up alive.

In Mukuru-Hazina in South B, a 28-year old man believed to be ‘dead’ and buried showed up on the evening of Friday, March 24,2023.

The relatives and area residents were in shock when the man Meshack Ondieki Nyambanewho was ‘buried’ in Kisii county three weeks ago returned home.

The family reported to the South B police station to demand an explanation and confirmation of what they believed was a miracle.

Officers at the station had a difficult time trying to settle the crowd which had stormed into the station and it took the intervention of Makadara police commander Judith Nyongesa to  control the crowd.

Nyambane’s Arrest

The Police Commander told the crowd that, Nyambane had been arrested and served a two month sentence in prison.

Nyambane was sentenced for blocking motorists and other pedestrians in Nairobi on Tuesday February 14, 2023, and he pleaded guilty.

He served part of  his sentence at the Nairobi West prison, Lang’ata and completed his sentence in Ruiru prison.

He was released on Friday, March24,2023 .

His family was completely shocked at the revelation , saying that they had positively identified his body during his ‘burial’.

The family said that they had received information from the city mortuary regarding a body collected from a sewer, this was after Meshack had gone missing and they did not know of his whereabouts.

“The body was badly damaged as it had been burned with acid. His elder brother identified the body.” Magara stated.

“Bodaboda operators participated in large numbers and money was raised for funeral costs due to the condition of the body-so that it did not get damaged further,” another family member said.

The news shocked the family knowing that they had buried the wrong body.

The police commander urged members of the public to be observant when identifying the bodies if their loved ones to avoid similar issues.

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