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Kim Kardashian now owner of the Attallah Cross Pendant worn by Princess Diana

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Kim Kardashian now posses the Attallah Cross Pendant worn on several occasions by Princess Diana of wales.

The cross pendant was worth $163,800 (approximately. Ksh 25.1 Million)

In the last few minutes of the Royal and Noble collection sale at Sotheby’s auction house in London on Wednesday, a representative of Kim Kardashian successfully Outbid others for the cross pendant.

The item sold more that double its estimated auction price, Sotheby’s said.

“This is a bold piece of jewelry by its size, color and style which cannot fail to make a vibrant statement, whether it be of faith or fashion -or both,” Kristian Spofforth head jewelry at Sotheby’s London, announced in a  press release.

“we are delighted that this piece has found a new lease of life within the hands of another globally known person” Spofforth added.

Photo// New owner to the Attallah cross pendant. Photo courtsey


Attallah’s worth
Photo// Attallah cross pendant worn by Princess Diana. Photo Courtesy

The cross pendant was made by court jewels Garrard in 1920, according to the auction house, the pendant features square amethyst stones in the shape of a cross, decorated with circular cut diamonds in a distinct flowery design.

The piece is about 5.4 inches by 3.7 inches in size, and has a total diamond weight of approximately 5.25 carats.

The pendant was brought to London from Garrard in the 1980’s by the late businessman Naim Attallah, who loaned the item to his friend, Princess Diana to wear to events.

The auction house understands that Diana was the only one to wear the cross, and this was the first time for it to appear in public after her death.

Now Kim Kardashian owns a piece of British royal history, the business woman famously wore a piece of Hollywood’s history in last year’s met gala.

Kim Kardashian appeared on the red carpet in a sparkling skin-tight gown once won by Marilyn Monroe when she sang “happy birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

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