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Kibra Fire Leaves Businessman In Disarray As Fire Destroyed His Life Investment

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Kibra residents left in disarray as they woke up to take stock of the aftermath of Monday’s protests.

A group of people could be seen rummaging through the rubble in an attempt to save what the deadly fire that broke out on Monday evening had left behind.

Among the residents counting huge loses is a local businessman identified as John whose business; a hardware store and a pub were burned to the ground.

According to him, the club one of his business where he made a living out of, had a stock worth nearly Ksh.4M as of Monday.

On Tuesday, all that remained of john’s business were ashes, iron sheets and stones….and concern of how he will take care of his family.

“Stock ya club ilikuwa ni Ksh.3.9M, hii ndio ilikuwa investment yetu ya maisha,’John said.

“Hapa ndio tunasomesha watoto,kila kitu ni hapa, sasa vile hii imechomeka, i do not know where to start, hata chakula ya kupelekea watoto hakuna,”

Reason For Fire

During the Monday protests, a section of a mosque in Kibra slums burnt  down , however in retaliation, for that, a group of youth raided the PCEA church in the area and set it on fire.

Several stall near both the mosque and church were burnt down during the Monday night drama.

The whole drama happened when a group attacked a kiosk next to the mosque in Makini area, saying that it was hosting a group that was sponsoring their attacks.

According to reports from the police, in the process the group also set the kiosk on fire.

At the PCEA church, the trail of destruction was evident, as pieces of glass are scattered across the church’s floor , as are the ashes of benches that were torched  during the attack.

A learning institution near the church was also torched and vandalized.

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