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Kiambu: Woman Kills Son, Dumps Body In Pit Latrine

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

On Monday 20, Kiambu residents were in shock, after a 23-year old woman killed her one and a half year -old son.

The woman has been arraigned at Kiambu court.

The woman, Jane Wamucii, did not take a plea as detectives from the DCI  made an order seeking to detain her in order to complete their investigations.

The detective in charge Evans Onyango, sought 14 days to complete recording statements from witnesses.

The detective told Limuru Senior Magistrate, that they want to take her to the hospital so that she can undergo a mental assessment.

He also told the court that, the suspect, went to her parent’s home on February 12, this year.

The parents inquired about the sons whereabouts but they were not content with the explanation that the daughter gave saying the toddler was in a friend’s house.

Mr. Onyango also said that, the parents reported the matter at Kimunu police station where the suspect gave a different version of the story forcing the officers to request DCI’s help.

“After thorough investigations, they admitted that she had killed her son and took us to a pit latrine where she lives and she had dumped the body,” he said

The detective further said that, they called the fire brigade experts who retrieved the body and they took the body to Uphome Funeral Home where a postmortem will be conducted.

The Magistrate accepted the DCI’s request and ordered the woman be detained at the police station as detectives conclude their investigations.

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