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“Kiambu Homosexual bars are recruiting youths at Ksh.30K Per Month” claims Cleric

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

As the Church Of England legalized , priests to preside over same sex marriages, clerics in the country continue to raise concern over the decision claiming that its wrong and unbiblical.

The ACK Church, stands firm on its decision that Homosexuality is unbiblical, However the England priests viewed it differently after a heated debate that saw 250 votes in favor of the verdict, while 181 declined the invitation to support the church’s decision.

Meanwhile in Kiambu County, Homosexuality has been on the rise, with many youths joining the movement where they earn a living.

Bishop Jane Gathoni

The Bishop of Kirima Tent of Prayer, Jane Gathoni, claims that homosexual bars have been operating at Kirigiti town in Kiambu County, where unemployed youths are lured in with the promise of Ksh.30K a month.

The bishop condemned the decision to allow same-sex marriages, regretted that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community(LGBTQ) from the western countries have been sponsoring recruitment exercises, a move she referred to as alien and one that could change the Kenyan youth.

Photo// The ACK rejects Church Of Englands Decision for same sex marriage. Photo Courtesy

“It horrifies me to know that there is a homosexual bar in Kirigiti and that the LGBTQ community from the west has been sponsoring this lifestyle by paying those recruited up to Ksh.30,000 every month. There is a great need for us to educate our youth and get them out of that trap because they have been lured into falsehood,” Jane said.

How to help
Photo// Prayer Experience. Photo Courtesy

Speaking during a worship experience event at Kirima Prayer and resource Centre, the Bishop regretted that if not arrested, some  of the western cultures  could change the youth and stray them away from the African and spiritual values, a weird sense of belonging that most people end up in due to the high cost of living.

To cope with the Kenyan Economy, Kirima proposed the creation of a God’s fund me kitty that would account for 10% of the total revenue that the government collects and it be dedicated to the youth empowerment.

“This will protect our wealth as a country, increase our earnings and ensure that our youths remain pure and committed to other income-generating activities instead of being diverted by some weird beliefs,” she stated

Many of the youths revealed that they gather for therapy since most of them have been battling with depression, unemployment, societal pressure and general hopelessness in life.

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