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KFCB Threaten To Take Action Against Content Creators “Turning social media into digital brothel”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

After 10:00pm as the the saying goes when the cats away the mice will play, and that is what social media platforms have turned into, when many of the kids are sleeping and many are not online , that’s when some people on the social media especially TikTok decide to turn it to brothels.

However this has not gone unnoticed as The Kenya Film Classification Board has raised an alarm over the increase of misuse of social media platforms in the country.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, April 26, KFCB acting CEO Christopher Wambua said that some content creators had turned the applications into “digital brothels” with lewd content shared from 10:00pm in breaching the laws of the country and safety of children’s online.

“We have noted that some apps are being transformed into digital brothels from midnight onwards.” the CEO said, adding that all the activities are happing at a time when children who are heavy users of the internet and social media , are at home for the April holidays.”

The CEO said the board is monitoring the activities with a view to collecting evidence for transmission to the DCI for prosecution.

Leaking Graphic Content

He has also expressed concerns over increased leaking of intimate and graphic content on social media.

He stated that the freedom of expression, which is under Article 33 of Kenya’s Constitution, is not absolute, noting that it is has certain limitations.

“Freedom of expression must also be interpreted within the broader context of other provisions of the Constitution, including Article 11 on culture. Article 24 on the limitation of rights and fundamental freedoms and Article 53 and 55 which advocate the rights of the child and the youth respectively. Offenders , therefore, ought to take note of this,” he said.

He has also said it is illegal to share intimate images and videos of other parties without their consent.

Wambua has warned that the perpetrators risk harsh punishments including 2 year-imprisonment a fine of up to Ksh200,000 or serve both.

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