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Kenya’s Pulse Influencer Awards 2022

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Pulse Influencer awards is a celebration of local creativity that bring local talent creators together for a chance to connect.

Pulse Kenya announced 26 winners of the pulse influencer awards selected after public nominations were held to vote for the best influencer.

The event was held on Saturday October 15 2022 at the Movenpic hotel and was attended by Kenya’s top influencers.

During the event, several influencers won the awards. Content creator and Podcaster Murugi Mungibwas the biggest winner of the night claiming three titles ,You tube influencer of the year, Podcast influencer of the year and Instagram influencer of the year.

Photo// Pulse Influencer award winners. Photo Courtesy.

Ivy Mugo’ just ivy’¬† who won the most Innovative influencer of the year as well as business influencer of the year. During her speech moments after receiving her award, she stated:

” Just ivy Africa’ was born two months ago when I decided id like to give a voice to the voiceless in Africa, especially when it comes to women and money. I just want to tell content creators out there that this business can pay and you can change lives and impact the world. The eye is on Africa right now especially if you are creating content. From Africa to the world thank you pulse.”

At the event, Pulse East Africa MD, Wamuyu Kiragu stated; “I’d like to thank the influencers ,this night would not have been possible without the work you do. We honor the art and content you create and it is such a pleasure to offer a platform where you are celebrated. I wish you success from here on wards even if you did not win, your work is still of great value.”

Award Winners

Other Influencers who won are;

  • Benawamalines¬† won Tiktok influencer of the year
  • Nikita Kering won music influencer of the year
  • Cathrine Jepkomi ‘Minicheps’ won art influencer of the year
  • Crazy Kennar won comedy influencer of the year
  • Natalie Githinji won media influencer of the year

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