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“Kenyans Selling Chang’aa in the Middle East” Reveals CS Alfred Mutua

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua has revealed that their are Kenyans who brew illicit alcohol ‘Chang’aa‘ for a living in some of the countries in the middle east, even in countries where alcohol consumption is illegal.

Speaking on Citizen tv, the Cabinet Secretary while praising kenyans for their creativity in matters of business, he delved into the issue of some take part in illegal acts which have resulted in some of the sufferings of diaspora Citizens.

Dr. Alfred Mutua referred to the customs in some of the countries among them Qatar which is against alcohol , saying some of the kenyans in the illicit brew business, have found themselves being arrested and deported for violating the countries laws.

Photo// Illicit brews sold. Photo Courtesy

“We are taking care of all Kenyans in Qatar and we are the government speaking the truth. Kenyans are business people , and in some of the these countries in the Middle East, alcohol is illegal” CS Mutua said.

In addition to that, the CS  highlighted the consequences of such acts in the Gulf saying that they were also weaking the Kenyan passport and ruining  the government’s effort in dealing with issues of welfare for its Citizens abroad.

The CS therefore, cautioned Kenyans in the Gulf against undertaking illegal business saying the president’s government would be keen to take action on any law violators.

“We are there for you and this government is longing to work for ypu from corner to corner to make sure you grow up with hope and dream that whatever you dream can come true, you don’t have to undertake all these illegal activities to make money,”Mutua noted.

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