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Kenyans Anglican Church Rejects Church Of England Decision of Same Sex Marriages

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Anglican Church of Kenya(ACK) on Sunday, announced its objection by the Church of England allowing priests to preside over same sex-marriage.

In a letter to the archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit to the Church of England, which was read at the All Saint’s Cathedral by the Reverend Canon Sammy Wanaina, The Kenya Church made it clear that it will not follow its steps.

It termed the decisison as withdrawing from the true bibilical way.

“Having lost all the theological and doctrine legitimacy, the liberal churches are using their political dominance to secularise the church by normalisong all manner of sin,”read the letter.

The Kenyan Church declared that it cannot follow the decision made by the Church Of England.

Photo// The ACK rejects Church Of Englands Decision for same sex marriage. Photo Courtesy

“The general synod of the Church of England makes legislation for the Church Of England and their resolutions apply only to the Church Of England,” the ACK said.


The Kenyan Clergy told the congregants that, they will not allow the decision to bless same sex unions as they do not recognise them.

“We do not recognise any teachings that are extra bibilical or contrary to the teachings of the bible , his Grace affirms that marriage is a unioin between man and woman , monogomous and heterosexual.”

However, the Kenyan Church accepts that same sex relationships are an issue that need to be addressed even in the Kenyan Society.

“It is becoming acceptable for male relationships, and vice versa, and so the problem must also be addressed¬† right here , but let it be addressed by the Kenya Church adressing it to their context,”the Archbishop said.

The Kenyan Church maintained that there are greater issues in the Kenyan Society that need more focus.

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