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Kenyan Students Based In Sudan Accuse Government Of “Letting Them Down”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Kenyan students who were in Sudan after the the war broke out in the country, they are know accusing the government of lying that it would help them escape or flee from from the country.

They are blaming the government of taking unfair credit for an escape plan that they claim to have organized and paid for with their own money.

According to Roseline Njogu, principal secretary for foreign and diaspora affairs, they “facilitated’ the crossing of 29″brave kids” from Kenyan into Ethiopia, where they would then fly them back to their home countries.

“What a sight for sore eyes! part of a group of 29 Diaspora now in Gondor, Ethiopia who fled Sudan. Facilitated by our team in Ethiopia, and Nairobi. Brave kids! from here, we fly them home,” a post on her twitter read.

The Truth

However, one of the rescued students told the British broadcaster BBC on Tuesday that they had to plan out their own way on how to get out to Gondar, where the Kenyan embassy is in Ethiopia, in order to be helped.

The student, feeling “sad and let down by the embassy(in Khartoum)because i thought it would have our backs in such a crisis,” revealed that they paid aroundKsh.40,000($300) out of their pocket and they had to bribe Sudanese policemen severally on the way.

“Honestly it wasn’t easy…we didn’t eat for two days-the focus was on running for our dear lives. I’m glad that I took the risk to escape the war zone,”

“We managed to escape the Rapid Support Forces along the road amid criminals on the move,” the student added.

Sudan’s War

Sudan’s war has greatly affected the capital Khartoum since April 15, where two forces are clashing, forces loyal to army chief Abdel Attah al0Burhan have been fighting those of his former deputy Mohamed Hamdan Daglo , who commands the RSF.

Over 427 people have been confirmed dead and more than 3,700 wounded, according to UN agencies.

The first group of Kenya evacuees, arrived in the country on Monday evening. The group comprised of 39 students, 19 Kenyans, 19Somalis and one Saudi Arabian national.

Their arrival to the country came hours before US secretary of State Antony Blinken’s announcement that the Sudanese Faction agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire.

The ceasefire would start at midnight on April24.

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