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Kenya seeks to expand Embassies and Missions

Post by : Ann Njambuya

In a recent move the government of Kenya seeks to expand its international presence. the government seeks to open over three new embassies in three continents. The Embassies will opened in Hungary,Indonesia and Mozambique respectively.

This expansion comes at a time when the parliamentary  budget office has advised the government to cut down its missions abroad. the work of Foreign missions is to help their home country get more trade deals with their host nations.

Kenya has been looking to move more into Europe especially after Brexit. this move if successful can put Kenya in the global Map as one the African countries with a huge presence.


The news about the Embassies in Budapest,Indonesia and Maputo were first issued by CS Rachael Omamo during a past interview with a news room. An in increase in the number of missions abroad will certainly increase the amount of budgetary allocation to the foreign ministry.

Foreign Ministry Cabinet secretary Rachael Omamo,she is responsible for all the embassies and missions of Kenya.

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The ministry has pledged to buy houses to house the staff allocated at the missions. in case the houses are unavailable the ministry will have to rent space. The space will in borderline of what the ministry can afford.

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