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Kenya Power no longer a monopoly

Post by : Sue Njihia

Kenya power will only distribute power to large commercial and industrial consumers.Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (Rerec) will take over Kenya power’s role of distributing electricity to  household consumers.

“Reconfigure KPLC and Rerec across consumer segments so that KPLC is positioned to serve large commercial and industrial consumers, while Rerec is positioned to serve the social mandate for household consumers,” the paper published by Energy Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa recommends.

Rerec has been given the mantle of implementing rural electrification projects and ,take charge of green energy except geothermal.

We’re seeking stakeholders’ view on this matter after which we will develop a work plan and timelines of implementation. It is work in progress,” he said.

The temporary transfer of KPLC staff to rerec to ease smooth transition of KPLC assets and help in the  official inspection of the organisation’s accounts.

The latest data by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) shows that KPLC added some 317,296 customers in the six months to December as the economy continued to recover from Covid-19 disruptions.

KPLC was in 2020 at the centre of a storm for prioritising expensive thermal power over cheaper options such as geothermal and hydro, effectively setting up consumers for higher electricity prices.

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