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Kenya Kwanza will be moving to court to challenge the decision to lock them out of Nyayo Stadium.

Post by : Sue Njihia

Sports Kenya has turned down UDA’s request to use Nyayo stadium for their final rally. In a letter written to UDA stated that the stadium will not be available for it is already booked and already scheduled for use on 5th to 7th August.

Raila Odinga-led Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party on Tuesday, Announced that they will be holding a final campaign at the Nyayo stadium on August 6 the same day UDA was seeking to use the premise. Both Teams were expected to hold their major rallies on August 6, as this will be the end of the official campaign period.

‘’we regret to inform you that due to peace concerts scheduled to take place at both Moi international sports centre-kasarani and Nyayo National Stadium between 5th to 7th, the facility will not be available for use,’’Read the statements signed by Pius Metto , the sports Kenya director General.

However, the head of Kenya Kwanza presidential campaign Josephat Nanok says they will be taking the matter to court

“We are prepared to challenge the Ministry of sports, legally on August 3, because we have a signed contract. The contract hasn’t been cancelled,’’Nanok said. He also claims that Azimio booking of the stadium was a lie.



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