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Kenya Kwanza To Azimio “Choose Between Bipartisan Talks And Protests”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Parliamentary bipartisan talks between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio La Umoja committee members have reached a dead end.

This after the continued argument over membership of a joint bipartisan committee and the resumption of demonstrations .

The committee had planned to hold a meeting today but it failed to start after Azimio members failed to show up, demanding the withdrawal of Eldas MP Adan Keynan.

In a press address, Tharaka MP George Murugara questioned Azimio for holding protests amid the bipartisan talks.

“We have an issue with Azimio, they want talks and demonstrations, there can’t be both, we either talk or they demonstrate, we call on them to resume the talks,”Murugara said.

Senate majority whip Boony Khalwake a member of the bipartisan committee urged Azimio team to abandon the demonstrations and resume talks.

“Whether they like it, they can go for demos today, they can for demos tomorrow, and every other day, but sanity will not be brought back by demos, but by talks, I appeal to Raila to let his members in the committee to resume talks,”Khalwale said.

Bi-partisan Talks

Murugara, the co-chair of the committee said his counterpart Otiendo Amollo has refused to honor the invite, though he has remained hopeful that reason will triumph.

“He indicated that he has reservations over some issues and they won’t honor the invitation today, but we haven’t given up, in spite of all this we are prepared to bend over and over again whatever the direction we are given so that we make this talks successful, there is no issue bigger then the country, we are ready to listen to them,” he said.

However, the Azimio Committee have stated that for the talks to resume, Keynan must be withdrawn from the committee.

The committee’s co-chair Otiende Amollo said it was hypocritical for the Kenya Kwanza coalition to have included Keynan in the team.

He has also dismissed the demand that the demonstrations must be called off for talks to resume.

“They are bringing up the issue of demonstrations, that has never been an agenda of the committee we have no powers to for or call off demonstrations, that can be dealt with at the level if the constitution and the principals, so it is in bad faith to insist that we call of the demonstration,” he said.

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